English dessert

last friday we had as usual our Friday afternnoon fritids meeting and to taste some think new. This time we gave the children the chance to try a very typical English childrens party dessert, called ‘Blancmange’.

You can buy it in packet form from the ‘English shop’  Söderhallen, Stockholm.

There is normally 4 different flavors to make and taste. In order to make up the blancmange you will need milk and sugar, then follow the instructions on the back of the packet.


English words

We are now working on our last letters in the Swedish alphabet Z and W.

The English words are as follows;

Zoo                        Zoo

Zebra                       Zebra

Zebracrossing          övergångsställe

Water                       Vatten

wash                        Tvätta

Wish                         Önska

What time is it?         the time is half passed twelve


// mel

English words

I think it would be great fun to share with you all the English words and phrases we are learning and using here at Solrosen fritids. All of which you can practice at home and even on your holidays!

This week we are learning words that begin with the letter V.

Here are the following words posted up in fritids;





We are learning to tell the time;

What time is it?  The time is 11:45 = a quarter to twelve

We are learning also to greet one another;

Good afternoon….., how are you?……I am well thank you…

What day is it today?    today is ……… Monday, tuesday etc…

Keep an eye on this blogg as there well be more words, phrases and times posted every week.

// Mel